With a Master of Mechanical Engineering from DTU – Technical University of Denmark, Anders has more than 13 years of experience from solving specific engineering problems to project management, conceptual design of complex systems, onsite system tests, and commissioning. Before

With Andreas Svindts’ education as an M.Sc. in Materials and manufacturing engineering from DTU – Technical University of Denmark, he has a profile that fits ideally with the C2.0 business: His experience in materials science and mechanical design to lift

YOLI is a successful toy company with a unique product for children: They have developed an intelligent, educational game that combines digital elements with the familiar experience we know from board games. The children are encouraged to participate in many

The increased customer need for better mechanical components in products and equipment is growing. The same goes for Component 2.0. And with that, we are very excited that Igor Neves Caser wants to join us to keep up with the

Graduating from DTU this summer with an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Kristian Ebbehøj‘s master thesis was about the effects of high-frequency vibrations on highly nonlinear systems. In short, a system shows to become effectively stiffer if it is shaken at

Sjællandske Nyheder came by our headquarters to learn about us, machine components, and the work we do. Click here to read the article. Big thanks to Per Skovkjær Sand for the great article.

Kathrine Hagen Rasmussen has joined our team as Mechanical Engineer! With a master’s degree in Design and Innovation from DTU, she has broad experience with engineering ranging from sustainable design thinking, user-focused concept development, and product optimization. During the next few

We are excited to announce Lasse Borg has joined the Team. Component 2.0 is growing, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better candidate to be a part of our journey. Lasse is an expert in all-things kinematic construction, ranging

Following the recommendations from the Danish Health Authority, we armed ourselves with a little hand sanitizing and met up at Kokkedal Castle to welcome Lasse Borg on board on the team. Not a soul could be seen for miles. When

On March 1st, 1918, at the end of WW1, the first DIN standard was published. The “DI-Norm 1” specified dimensions and materials for tapered pins used in mechanical engineering. With the new standard, the Germans would have a slight upper

We’ve just got our employee Alexander back home from his trip to Ferrari. Alex, alongside the DTU Roadrunners team, won third place in the Drivers World Championships at Shell Eco-Marathon. The price was an invitation to the Ferrari factory in

In C2.0, we believe that significant value can be found in redefining mechanical components that are based on geometrical principals invented around or before World War I. Thus, in the same year that the DIN 1 turned 100 years, we

Today we are proud to announce that Ozan Yalcinkaya has joined as our Marketing Coordinator. Loaded with original and witty ideas, he’s going to be the content creator here on our LinkedIn page. He’s currently working on a video essay

Peter has recently joined the Component 2.0 team as our Director of Engineering. With over 20 years of experience, he’s been driving engineering projects for leading international companies, including Dansk Teknologi, IPU, and BK Medical. It is a great privilege

Alexander recently graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from DTU and joined C 2.0 in September. But he’s by no means a stranger when it comes to industrial solutions: He’s proven himself through his work with kinematic modeling

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