Kristian Ebbehøj joins Component 2.0 as Mechanical Engineer.

Graduating from DTU this summer with an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Kristian Ebbehøj‘s master thesis was about the effects of high-frequency vibrations on highly nonlinear systems. In short, a system shows to become effectively stiffer if it is shaken at a high frequency and a large amplitude. After graduating, he worked as an assistant on the research project ‘Vibrations for Estimating Bolted Joint Integrity,’ whose aim was to develop new methods of estimating tension in bolted joints. Kristian will be applying his impressive in-depth knowledge on multiple projects concerning construction and computer simulations.

During his free time, Kristian likes going on long bicycle rides, tinkering with his bikes, and restoring old furniture. Apart from that, currently, his corona-fermentation-project is to pickle gherkins and green tomatoes.

Welcome on board!

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