What to do when a new employee starts, but everyone’s working from home?

Following the recommendations from the Danish Health Authority, we armed ourselves with a little hand sanitizing and met up at Kokkedal Castle to welcome Lasse Borg on board on the team. Not a soul could be seen for miles.

When everyone had arrived, Louise and Janus handed out pastry and coffee in the parking lot. We warmed our (obviously disinfected) hands-on steaming mugs, catching up on the last few weeks of working from home. Until then, communication had mostly taken place through Microsoft Teams. While discussing the new projects on hand, we collectively walked east towards the bay and had a beautiful view of the water.

Yes, this is all a bit unusual. But what a lovely way to keep in touch. Considering the current state of affairs, we’re pretty content about our little meetup. Hopefully, we’ll all learn a few insights into how we can work smarter and more efficiently from this. But unfortunately, until then, we’ll have to stick together by working apart.

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