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Component 2.0 is founded to invent and provide optimal component solutions in close cooperation with the industry.

About Component 2.0

we are providing new solutions for generic mechanical problems

Despite the eminent design, production, and material possibilities present today, most of the mechanical components are still based on aged geometrical principals from around world war I. 

We want to find Component 2.0 solutions and support our skilled customers in their work of increasing product and business performance.

our Fields of Expertise

Aged geometrical component principals are present in many different types of applications, and component 2.0 solution has show value in many various applications 


Onshore and offshore wind turbines reduce waste of material and cost while increasing reliability in bearing structure and gear design.

Moving Mechanics

Reducing the need for narrow tolerances in high accurate mechanic systems.

Electronic Products

Risk reduction of soldering failures in environments with vibrations and thermal loads.


Increasing OEE by production equipment 2.0 design and reducing the need for narrow tolerances in device design.

Actuators and Sensors

Increasing the performance and reliability for a given application.

Injecting Molding

Changing the limits of production capability with 2.0 tool design. Increasing the possibility of what can be expected of plastic components.


We work closely with the industry and have developed new business and service models to streamline the cooperation results.

Component kit supply

In many cases, existing equipment and products can be significantly improved with a minimum of changes by introducing a custom-developed component kit.

New product development

In several cases, a new product can benefit from the C2.0 solution platform, with the help of a competent and dedicated development team.

Component rights

Component 2.0 has a base of patents for new generic machine elements that can serve a lever for improved and protected competitiveness.


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