Even toys need Component 2.0 components.

YOLI is a successful toy company with a unique product for children: They have developed an intelligent, educational game that combines digital elements with the familiar experience we know from board games. The children are encouraged to participate in many different ways and learn how to collaborate with others.

Recently they reached out to us to redesign their product components within their toy. The demand was clear: “We want to be able to scale up production fast without compromising our superior demands for quality.”

The toys’ aesthetics and basic functionality were kept, and C2.0 solutions on all components were implemented within a month. New injection moulding tools were ordered, components assembled, tested, and the first products delivered to happy customers without any major issues.

YOLIs ability to ramp up their production of toys allows for a distribution to a broader audience. With sublime functionality and a scalable design, they are ready to plant seeds of curiosity and imagination in children worldwide.

Aged components should not stand in the way of an adventure like this! We are proud to support YOLI and this fantastic product.

We wish YOLI all the best!
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