COMPONENT CAMP: Join the next free camp and learn how to develop new mechanical component solutions for generic mechanical problems

What is the component Camp?

The Component Camp is a place for professional developers to learn how to develop the right component design solutions.

What subjects will be touched on during the next Component Camp?

A lot of subjects will be addressed. Among them will be:


– Optimal architecture,
– Design drivers,
– Component layout,
– Component design,
– Filter values,
– Product development order,
– Guiding stars for complex projects
– Newly invented machine elements, etc.

When/where is the next Component Camp taking place?

The date for the next camp will come soon.

We will at our offices at Lyngsø Allé 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark.

What does it cost?

It’s absolutely free.


The only condition for joining is that you are in an industry wherein your skills as a mechanical developer are directly used for either product development or equipment development.


Can students join?

Yes – student are welcome!


The camp is primarily reserved for mechanical developers working in the industry, so we do not have space for a lot of student. But if you are eager to learn we will definitely make space for you too.

I wanna join - what do I do?

If you are interested in the next Component Camp, please email us at


When you have done that, we will send out official invitations with detailed information on the event.


Best regards


The Component 2.0 team